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Shugfta Ara Helps Deliver 100 Babies Born to Covid Positive Mothers

Shugfta Ara helps Deliver 100 babies born to Covid Positive Mothers With deaths everywhere, feeling of helping mother to deliver her baby is the most satisfying thing’

At a time when Covid-19 pandemic has cast a shadow of death everywhere, a nurse has helped deliver around 100 newborns born to Covid positive mothers in the past one and a half year.

Shugfta Ara, incharge of Neonatology department at JLNM hospital, is on a Covid-19 duty since the pandemic hit the valley. However, her line of work unlike many other frontline workers is the most challenging and complicated one. She has to look after positive pregnant women and use her medical expertise to make sure that delivery of babies goes well.

“It is not an easy job. Taking care of positive pregnant women is like walking on a double edged sword. You have to make sure that both mother and kid make it,” said Shugfta.

She said for the past one-and-a-half year, she has helped deliver around 100 babies born to Covid positive mothers with zero mortality rate.

“Apart from normal deliveries, we operate around two to three caesarian cases per day. Allah has been very kind. Despite all the deaths everywhere, the feeling of helping a mother deliver her baby is the most satisfying thing for me,” she said.

Shugfta, who has seven years of experience, said during emergencies she at times didn’t even get the time to wear proper PPE kits to protect herself.

“Just few days back, a referral came to us from Lal Ded hospital. The mother had to be operated immediately. So, I had to rush into the operation theatre,” she said.

However, Shugfta said the most challenging part of her job was to give confidence to Covid positive mothers that “everything will be fine.”

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