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Meet Saud Fazal Vakil B Tech Holder Turned Martial Art Player

Meet Saud Fazal Vakil B Tech holder turned Martial Art Player ,founder of Yin Yang kudo Mixed Martial Art Academy from Kashmir.

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Saud Fazal Vakil 24 years old professional martial art player hailing from Bagh-i-Mehtab area of district Srinagar, B.Tech holder in mechanical engineering who is not just martial art player but had also played basketball, rugby matches on state level.

During an interview Saud said that he had started his work from 2014 by simply spreading awareness among the people from Masjid(in an islamic way). He found that it is better to aware parents more than children but because of this he was nominated and had been targeted by the people.On seeing this his parents requested him to go outside for further studies, so he went to Sharda University in Greater Noida Delhi.

Meet Saud Fazal Vakil B Tech Holder Turned Martial Art Player

During my 2nd year of college in November 2016 I met with an accident and was shifted to Kalash Hospital where no one came to help me as I was Kashmiri, where doctors declared that I need to get my foot removed but then I was referred to Aims.There I got 47 stichtes and had 7 fractures because of which I was bedridden for almost 9 months till june 2017.After this I didn’t got any help from my college faculty members said Saud.

Saud Fazal Vakil B.Tech Holder Turned Martial Art Player

In 2018 during 3rd year of his college there had been an attack on some boys, where Saud too was one of the victim for that. The attackers were from Ghaziabad and at that time also there was no help from the university or college faculty. Saud noticed that the condition of boys was not good and thought of taking an initiative. Coming back to Kashmir after 4 years in February 2020,he was stunned to see the situation like there was a lot of drug abuse in the upcoming youth, girls were harrased and still were not able to raise their voice against it. This all made him to give it a thought.

Meet Saud Fazal Vakil B Tech Holder Turned Martial Art Player

He shared his experience and said that once I was travelling from Sanat Nagar, I saw that a girl was being harrased and was not able to raise her voice about that. I tried to talk to her but she left from that place and didn’t answer any of my questions. This thing hit me harder that a girl was not able to speak against the culprits.

Meet Saud Fazal Vakil B.Tech Holder Turned Martial Art Player.

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