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Meet Shifa and Milhum Ecommerce Entrepreneurs in Kashmir

Meet Shifa and Milhum Ecommerce Entrepreneurs in Kashmir Over the years we’ve seen tremendous growth in fashion and apparel business, particularly in Kashmir. One such venture is started by Shifa Nayeem Handoo and Milhum Mir, co-founders of Shoppehobbie.

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Alumni of Mallinson school Srinagar, Shifa & Milhum have turned into Entrepreneurs. Started as a part-time interest, Shoppehobbie has now turned into a business venture. It has been almost a year now and the feedback is overwhelming. They have delivered over 1200 orders till now.

Shoppehobbie is an online shopping and delivery services portal co-founded by two young engineering students. The Instagram page has earned a number of customers and growth of followers over a period of a year is massive.

 Shifa and Milhum Ecommerce Entrepreneurs in Kashmir

Shifa Nayeem, 20, is pursuing her B.tech degree in Computer Science Engineering from SSM college. She’s a resident of Sanat Nagar and is currently looking forward to the growth of her business initiative.

“The response we received was astonishing. Not only in Kashmir, we’ve delivered many products to Bangalore, Tamilnadu and Delhi. We started with women’s clothing, however, with growing feedback we’ve included men’s wear and other accessories as well”.

Meet Shifa and Milhum Ecommerce Entrepreneurs in Kashmir

Milhum Mir, 20, a student at Sharda University is pursuing her B.tech in Civil Engineering. She desires to open her own Boutique after completion of her graduation. She belongs to Khayam and is currently putting up in Delhi.

“Shoppehobbie wasn’t a planned initiative. But now we’re looking forward to making it a huge success. And our next step would be to launch an ECommerce website”.

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