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Meet Bilqis Maqbool International Pencak Silat Player

Meet Bilqis Maqbool International Pencak silat player from Budgam district Bilqis Maqbool is 6 times district,6 times state and 5 times national gold medalist and has represented India at international level.

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While talking with Youth Of Kashmir She said it was never her aim or hobby but her school teacher Miss seerat told her to participate in the game and she participated in state championship and won gold and than got selected for national championship and she became more interested in the game.. And got selected for international level.

Bilqis Maqbool said, she wants to beg Asian gold medal in future and is preparing for the same..
She said, ” If you are not willing to learn learn, no one can help you, And if you are determined to learn no one can stop you.” @bilqis_maqbool

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