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Meet Asiya Hassan Created Online Kashmiri Dictionary

Meet Asiya Hassan Created Online Language Dictionary. She is a 29-year-old woman, who was born in Wuyan, Pampore,now she lives, studies, and works in Malaysia.

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Graduate in graphic designing, Asiya has recently completed her Master’s in business administration. She has come up with a website kashmiridictionary.or, which is probably the only audio-visual Kashmiri to English dictionary available online. Her reason for doing so was lack of good resources online and her will to do something to keep her mother tongue Kashmiri and culture of Kashmir alive.

Asiya Hassan Created Online Kashmiri Dictionary

“It all started about a decade ago, when my four-year-old nephew joined a kindergarten. He was born and raised in Malaysia. Usually at the end of the day, I would ask him what you learned in school today. He usually recited the rhymes and said the names of the days, months, birds and animals in three different languages, which are Bahasa Malay, Mandarin (the local languages of Malaysia) and English”.

Asiya Hassan Created Online Kashmiri Dictionary

That is when Asiya realized that something is missing.“We are Kashmiri and my nephew doesn’t know a single word in Kashmiri. The whole situation sounded bizarre to me,” recalls Asiya.

Soon after, she started teaching her nephew the basics of Kashmiri language. After months of teaching the basics, the kid needed something new and something advanced to keep him interested. So Asiya went to the internet to get some ideas and find some useful resources. However, to her utter surprise she could not find anything related to her search. She felt let down.

Asiya Hassan Created Online Kashmiri Dictionary realized that the information about Kashmiri language on the internet is quite limited. There was also not any major book or online platform for Kashmiri dictionaries. So I thought to myself that since I have a good grasp of Kashmiri language, why not do my bit of whatever I know and share it in a fun, creative and efficient way with those who might be facing the similar problem.”

Asiya Hassan Created Online Kashmiri Dictionary

She started her work on the project. During her visit to Kashmir Asiya collected whatever literature she could gather on Kashmiri to help her research. To start her online dictionary was not an easy job.

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