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Meet Areeba Mir Calligrapher From Kashmir Valley

Meet Areeba Mir Calligrapher from Kashmir valley, hailing from district  Anantnag Islamabad while talking with Youth of Kashmir she said I am first year student of BA honors at Amar Singh college.

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I find an escape in Art. Giving life to blank papers gives me immense pleasure. To be precise, brushes and paint are my best companions. I have a strict studious family background where art has less value over a degree, but still my parents especially my brother always support me to follow my heart which i am grateful for.

Areeba Mir Calligrapher from Kashmir valley

As we know it’s not that easy to become successful at art in kashmir, as valley is enriched with such artists in this niche. All i want is people to appreciate my effort, be it few. @mir_areeba10


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